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The Men in My Life

Happy Father's Day to my Sweetheart. Casey is the most AMAZING Dad! He loves his kids and really truly enjoys the time he spends with them. He is the fun one that they get to play with and goof around with. He is so patient, loving, and sweet with them. He has a tender heart that melts when his kids are with him. I LOVE YOU!!

Bruce is a great father and always so concerned for all of us. I love that he knows each of us, and how to help us in our lives. He is always welcoming for us to come into his home. I have enjoyed watching how his little grandkids fascinate him and he LOVES being with them. I love his testimony and how strong he is. Thanks for being another Dad to me!

My Dad is amazing! He is so fun loving and easy going. I love that I can talk to him about everything, and he listens and cares. I still miss him when he is gone so much. I love how his granddaughters miss him too. He loves them so much and likes to be the horse, or pillow, or roller coaster every time they are together. He even does crafts and plays dolls!! Thanks for all you do for us. LOVE YOU!


Chelsie said...

Ah cute pictures. Your dad looks like he is so fun. Casey and Bruce...they are fabulous!!! I miss your cute family

the Ormsby's said...

Love the photo of you Dad. Tell him "hi" for me.

Karalee said...

Love your post. I was looking at this with livy and lyssa on my lap and they made me look at "bampa" rick a hundred times!! They love your dad!