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5 favorites about Taylor:
1. She is wise beyond her years. She is to the age where she knows everything, & I am just the mom. She acts like she is 15, so she is preparing me good I guess for when that really comes. She talks like a grown up, and is very matter of fact about things.
2. She is a Mommy in Training... she is such a big helper with her little sister & new brother. Taylor loves them, and is excited about helping me with them. It is nice to have an extra set of hands around here.
3. Taylor loves her friends. I think this is great. I love that she is social & likes to play. She is learning alot & likes to do her "homework" with her Dad so she can get smarter. She is a good friend & usually helps everyone around her.
4. I LOVE that Taylor is a country girl. She is so darling in her boots & hat. She loves to ride the horses and tells me that some day she will teach me how to ride the barrells. She is going to be in the rodeo someday, there is no doubt in her mind. Her favorite horse to ride is Hyrum. When she kicks him & he runs I love the joy on her face & the way she can't stop giggling.
5. I love that she wants to grow up, but still be my little girl at the same time. She is sweet & funny & really enjoys life most of the time.
Taylor tags: Olivia, Helena, & Summer's three little monkeys


The Ballard's said...

Darling! She is so funny. She proably will teach you a few things. It is fun to watch her play with Jake and copy Gracie. That is a tricky thing for her. I am glad she has a soft spot for Jake. It has been fun raising kids with you!

Jay said...

Very cute family!!! email me at & I will have Raini add you to our family blog permission list or whatever it is called.


Anonymous said...

I love your scrapbook work, its always darling!