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Wow! Life has been crazy, and I have been struggling a bit with motherhood. I LOVE IT... but some moments it is just so HARD!! I needed a little pick me up, and remebered the talk from this past General Conference on being a mother by Elder Ballard. Here is the link:,5232,23-1-851-37,00.html
It helped me realize that I am not the only mother who struggles at times, and helped me to refocus on what is truly important. So, hope you will all remember what he said..."the joy of motherhood comes in moments."

I also was looking through blogs yesterday, and a friend had these same thoughts posted on her blog. It was just another realization that I am not the only stressed out mother, so thanks Alynn!

Thinking about mothers has also given me such appreciation for my mother. Not only for raising me and the stress of that, but for always being there for me still. She is so selfless and amazing. She is willing to do anything for me anytime, she always puts us first. And she is a wonderful Grandmother... the kids love her and she spoils them! Thanks Mom for being an amazing example. I LOVE YOU!

I also have a wonderful mother-in-law who is one of my best friends. She is full of great advice and great love for the gospel and all of us kids.

I am so blessed by the amazing examples in my life. And, these great realizations just happen to coincide with Mother's Day, so... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you!!


Mike said...

That was so sweet. Thanks for the pick-me-up. You are a good example to me. When I have down days I just call people and complain, I admire how you went right to your testimony and gospel publishing's. Thank You!!