The Hall’s Haven



Wow! I accomplished my challenge this week to tackle that one chore that is staring me in the face EVERYDAY! I mopped the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. There are a few reasons why this chore goes undone quite a bit of the time... first is that I have Pergo laminate wood floors that I HATE! They are very hard to keep looking clean, second is that I think I get the most irritated at housework that never pays off... needless to say I had the floor mopped and looking good for 7 minutes before muddy feet came in, and a glass of apple juice fell off the counter. It was a good feeling to get it done though!


Marni said...

Hey, Alyson, I hope you don't mind. I found your blog on Aimee's. It is so good to see your family. Your kids are so precious. I have a name for my blog, but that is about it right now. I will let you know when I start posting. We can keep in touch.

Chelsie said...

Yeah!! Way to go! Those tedious chores are always the worst!

Wendi said...

My children have a mop-o-meter I like to call it. Whenever I mop, they instantly like to make messes. It doesn't help that I feed a one year old who prefers food on the floor than his tray. We have the pergo as well, which is better than carpet in the dining room which we previously had, but it is hard to keep looking clean!! I'm with ya sister!!

Anonymous said...

On your hands and knees?!? Ugh. I hear you about Pergo, I hate it too. It streaks so bad! Glad you got it done!

...and of course you can link us!