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Night Night!

This week we also tried to move Kaitlyn to her toddler bed. The key word here is TRIED. The first night she just kept getting up and getting up and getting up, so finally Casey put her back in her crib. Then last night she actually fell asleep in her new bed, but got up 3 times in the night (opposite of her baby brother of course). The last time she got up she wanted her crib, so I put her in there at 4:00 this morning. Guess we will just try again tonight!


Chelsie said...

Oh my heavens that cracks me up about Taylor. She is so cute! Good luck with the bed transition!! I had a hard enough time transitioning from bassinet to crib....and I can only imagine it to be a million times harder from crib to bed. I hope you get some sleep!

The Ballard's said...

Funny posts. We had to get Chinese because of Taylor. Hey, why do you think we passed along the toddler bed anyway. Jake just slept on the floor for like a year. You are a good momma & it will work itself out....besides your up most of the night, why not stay up the entire night? jk

the Ormsby's said...

Yeah for transitions! She cracks me up.