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Kaitlyn is 2!!

I can't believe my Kaitlyn is 2 years old. She has always seemed like she is older than she really is, but she is now officially 2 years old. We had a birthday party at Grandma Sharon's on Sunday, and then yesterday for her birthday we went to McDonald's with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Coleen, and then we rode the new Front Runner commuter train. The girls had a great time! For her birthday Kaitlyn got some clothes, a few toys, and a potty seat and panties. This morning when she got up she wanted to wear her Elmo panties. I thought I would be sneaky and let her wear the princess pull-ups, as opposed to actual panties, but she was not going to be fooled into wearing a glorified diaper. Needless to say we have sat on the new potty chair 3 times already this morning, with no results. I think it is just going to be a game...what have I gotten myself into?!?


Karalee said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!! Cute pics! Glad she had a good day! Hope the potty training is going well! When you get done, I'll send alyssa your way and you can just get her going too! :)

Wendy said...

Oh no! Kaitlyn potty training already.. this should be interesting lol.