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Bad Blogger

Sorry it has been a little while since I have updated everyone. I am doing well, although 3 kids is definitely a different experience! Little CJ is so cute and cuddly... I just love to hold him and love him. The girls love him to and are very soft and careful with him. The transition to three is going alright, although I never knew it would take so long to get ready to go somewhere! We have only been to the Grandma's houses, and even that is an ordeal. I am feeling really good, except for the lack of sleep that comes with being a new mommy again. I do have to say though that I cherish our middle of the night feedings, since that is my only time alone with my new baby. I am trying to get myself organized and back into a routine, however that is proving to be harder than I thought. Our little man rules the house. My friend Wendy came and took some photos of him, so I will post some as soon as she gets them to me.


Wendy Call Hosch said...

So I've been sick and haven't come to get the girls again for that reason. We'll have to go on another play date so you can have more cuddle time with CJ :) And I posted more picks today on wendybird if you wanna take a look. The cd should be ready very soon!

the Ormsby's said...

So I went to wendybird's blog to check out the photos. They're beautiful! He's adorable.

As for getting ready with 3 kids, my advice is flip flops for everyone. That way you don't have to put on 6 socks, and then 6 shoes.

Poulsen Girls said...

Allison What a sweet baby. Your girls are so dang cute. Let me know how it goes with three little ones. Trent wants another one soon, I'm pretty much freaking out. Let me know if you neede me to steal the girls for a while, my girls would love it.