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Casey Josh Hall

Our sweet boy is here! He is beautiful. I went in to the hospital Tuesday morning, March 25th, and CJ came into our world at 4:26pm. Labor and delivery were both easy and uncomplicated. He was 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long. He is a sweet baby! He does scream bloody murder anytime he doesn't have clothes on or whenever he gets his diaper changed, but other than that he seems to be pretty easy going so far. We both came home from the hospital on Thursday. He had a rough first night at home, waking up every hour, but last night went much smoother. The girls have been really good with him so far and love to watch him and help me. CJ is content and loves to look at the world around him. It is so fun to have a little one to snuggle with.

We don't even have his room ready or anything, so as of now he is sleeping in the playyard in the living room. We are planning on moving Kaitlyn, still in the crib, into Taylor's room sometime this week, and then CJ will sleep in his own room in the playyard still. Funny how with your third, things are much more "go with the flow." I remember with Taylor I had every little thing in place before she was born, and now poor CJ doesn't even have a room!

Three kids will be an adjustment, but I am so excited!


Wendi said...

Congratulations Aly!!! You will do great with 3-although it is a huge adjustment-no more man on man defense-it becomes zone defense!!