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New Blog

I have decided since everyone is doing it, I would create a blog to keep in touch with everyone. Our lives here are great, busy and sometimes crazy, but great. As of today I am due in 6 weeks with our third baby. He will be little Casey Josh, and we will call him CJ. We are all very excited, but Casey and I are also very nervous for #3. We are trying to get ready and are mostly there. Kaitlyn is still in the crib, so that will be another big job to move her to her toddler bed in Taylor's room. Kaitlyn has been really good at going to bed, and has only within the last couple of weeks started to climb out of the crib, so it should be an interesting transition to a bed. I am decorating CJ's room in earthy tones and cowboy stuff. When it is all set up I will post some pictures.

I hope I will be able to keep you all posted on the happenings in our lives. Love to all!


Wendi said...

Hi Aly,

Welcome to the world of the Blog!! It is pretty fun to see all your friends and family. Glad to see you guys. Can't believe you only have 6 weeks left!! Enjoy it until the madness starts!!

I don't remember if I sent you our info, but check us out at

We want to come to Utah this summer and will have another batch of clothes for next winter. Landon is growing out of stuff so fast!! At 9 months he was over 21 lbs and over 30 inches long. Big boy. He is also finally crawling which means we got all the gates out. Fun times!!

take care,